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Supplying Files

The following is what we need from you to get started on your project.

If your project is set up in a program that we support, please provide us with the native file, along with all of the supporting files, and fonts. Doing a “collect for output” or “packaging” of the file is an effective way of accomplishing this.

Please do not include files and/or fonts that are not used in the project.

Always provide the actual files and/or fonts that are used in the project, even if they have been embedded. We will need them if we have to do any modifications to the working files.

Please be sure the provided files are in the correct color mode, ie: cmyk, pms spot color, gray scale, and that they are correctly color separated within the files.

If the project is to bleed, be sure to include an additional image area that extends 1/8” (.125) beyond the document edge.

Always provide working files at the correct document size.

Please remove all unused elements, and colors from the working files.

Photos must be high resolution (300 dpi) and in cmyk, PMS spot, or grayscale color mode. RGB color mode images can be converted, but they must be 300 dpi.

Never use images from the internet. They are optimized for the web at low resolution and are smaller in physical size than they appear on the internet. It is also a violation of copyright and trademark laws.

Be sure that all linked files are correctly linked.

Be sure that linked files, and elements within the native file share common spot color names, such as 485 C, 485 U, 485 CV.  The corresponding letter (C, V, etc.) must be the same as well.

Do not use LZW compression.

We prefer that you leave trap settings up to our graphics department.

Files should be accompanied by a printed sample of the project.

Be sure that your files are accurate and final. IBF will not alter artwork or layout positions unless it is requested.

If you have questions, please contact IBF at 1-800-388-3650.

Artwork should be submitted to art@goIBF.com, or contact us for FTP site instruction.