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Print & Mail: Frequently Asked Questions

“I like to write notes on some of my statements. This takes a lot of time, but I feel personal  attention gets results from slow payers.”  How can IBF help?
Businesses are learning to utilize their computer systems more effectively. Variable data can be transferred simply by typing information into the message field on their format. Some computer operators spool their past due accounts separately. Cash flow is improved by mailing statements without delay to current payers while taking that extra time to service delinquent accounts.

What about the quality of the mail piece?
All forms are professionally designed laser sheets. The forms are inserted along with a courtesy return envelope into a conventional double window envelope. Your logo can be scanned and imaged onto the form which in turn appears in the return address window of the outgoing envelope. Up to four 8 1/2 x 11 pages can be inserted with a return envelope and still achieve the one ounce discounted postal rate.

How does postal bar coding benefit me?
Faster mail response, lower postal rates, address forwarding and correction reports are all benefits of postal bar coding.

How are confidentiality and security concerns addressed?
We utilize high-tech, high-speed laser printers and inserters. Any human handling of documents is done by bonded professionals. Print files are destroyed after processing.

What distinguishes IBF from other print and mail services?
Faster mail response, lower postal rates, and customization! The professionals at IBF are able to tailor our service to your individual needs. We can scan logos, manipulate formats, provide reports and even design, manufacture and warehouse your own customized forms and envelopes.

Custom forms are optional. All forms are laser imaged.

Advantages of Print and Mail Services:
-Improve Reimbursement Time
-Expedite the Printing and Mailing of Documents
-Take Advantage of Postal Optimization
-Save Time and Money

-Form Purchasing