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Electronic Fulfillment Solutions

The time it takes your employees to print and handle your mail
(statements, invoices, letters, marketing materials, tax forms, etc.)
can be reduced to just minutes by outsourcing the data electronically.
You can save money on forms , envelopes, equipment maintenance,
postage and employee productivity.

Your customer receives a laser-imaged graphically enhanced mail piece
with your return address just as if you mailed it from your office.

After your data processing procedure is complete, you can download
the data to a print file and transfer it via the internet.

We can customize your laser imaging. Test samples are available for your approval.
If you need file copies of the forms after processing, we can provide them to you as
electronic forms on a CD ROM. 

Services Include:

  • Electronic Data Transfer
  • Variable Imaging
  • Laser Printing
  • E-Statements
  • Intelligent Multi-Page Inserting
  • Presort and Barcode for Postal Discounts
  • Payment Solutions

Specific Applications: