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Tressa McLaughlin, President and COO of IBF was elected President of the PSDA (Print Services & Distribution Association) Board of Directors for 2013-2014.  PSDA is an unrivaled network of professionals, dedicated to providing
best-in-class print, marketing and business communications solutions to end-user customers through the distributor channel. 

In this role, Tressa served as the leader of the Finance Committee and was responsible for leading the board of directors
in setting the strategic direction of the association.  The board, under Tressa’s leadership, focused on enhancing
the value that PSDA members receive and working to grow PSDA’s influence among industry participants.  

See below for articles written by Tressa while in this role.  Articles may also be found at www.psda.org.

Tressa was also recently profiled in the Huffington Post business pages. Read the interview here:
Women in Business Q&A: Tressa McLaughlin, President and COO of IBF

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