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Major Brand-name Companies Remove Anti-paper Claims From Marketing Campaigns


Two Sides just scored another victory in its battle against greenwashing. Last week, the independent nonprofit organization confirmed that more than 65 leading North American companies, including several Fortune 100 companies serving the financial, telecom and utilities sectors, have removed inaccurate anti-paper claims after conversations with Two Sides representatives. more

Tressa McLaughlin Honored with PSDA’s President’s Award


The Print Services & Distribution Association (PSDA) President’s Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to the print distribution industry. This year that award goes to Tressa McLaughlin, CEO of IBF, A Safeguard Company. Tressa has spearheaded the continued growth of IBF with an emphasis on superior service and a company culture that promotes integrity, knowledge, innovation, accountability, and passion for excellence. more

Honors and Achievements


IBF Employees reach milestone anniversaries more

Join IBF for League Night August 5 - Co-Hosted With the Idaho Business League


If your business is acquiring more business, join IBF the night of August 5 as we host the next League Night in cooperation with the Idaho Business League. The event, running from 4 pm to 6 pm, is one of the Treasure Valley's best networking opportunities. more

Save Costs and Time With Pressure Seal Forms For Check and Document Printing


Businesses are continuing to look for ways to reduce costs, including different methods of document processing such as pressure seal payroll checks. Many small businesses and larger corporations have found significant savings through adding pressure seal forms to their in-house payroll process, allowing them to skip confines of pre-printed checks and outsourced printing services. more

Marketing to Millennials


Building a marketing strategy around Millennials is a crucial step for any business looking to grow long-term. As a younger - Millennials were born between 1977 and 1998 - and digitally sophisticated generation, they require a more specific and engaged approach to gain their attention. As with any new generation, Millennials come with their own set of expectations and abilities. more

How to Build Organic SEO [In Under 100 Words]


Organic SEO is a growth strategy for business offering unpaid access to customers who are looking for your product or service. For this reason, Google is your best friend, and SEO needs to be your favorite game. more

The 3 Ds of Effective Marketing with Promotional Materials


Incorporating custom printed promotional items is still highly effective in a greater strategy that blends traditional and digital marketing. The three key elements to always consider when planning an effective marketing campaign with promotional materials are: design, demographic, and distribution. more

SEO and SEM for Small Business Marketing


Does your business have an online marketing strategy to get in front of potential clients? If your answer is no, you are not alone. Many small businesses just haven't had the time or resources to fully learn and embrace the evolving local online marketing tools available to them. However, given the shift in consumer buying patterns, it's time to take a proactive approach in expanding your customer base through search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). more

How to Fight Trolls: A Blogger’s Survival Guide


Bloggers have plenty to worry about. Deadlines, writer’s block, content quotas, incorrect grammar, and the proper use of semi-colons are fears that constantly plague us (just to name a few). more