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What is a Loyalty Program?

Statistics show that customers belonging to a loyalty program visit a business, on average, twice as often, and spend four times as much. In addition, loyalty programs attract business (new and return), capture, process, manage and report customer demographics and transactions data. They reinforce your brand and incent consumers to buy more and more often.
While loyalty cards and prizes have been in existence for a long time, now merchants and businesses of all sizes are realizing they are a cost-effective approach to customer retention.
They offer your customers the special treatment they’ve come to expect.

How does it work?

Your staff simply swipe customer cards through a terminal. Points are tracked instantly and recorded on their receipt so that you can easily recognize return customers.


IBF’s loyalty program provides a fast, safe and reliable processing platform for businesses of all sizes. Nearly every aspect of our program is customizable, based on your unique technological requirements.


The “right” program for your industry, your business model—and most of all, your customers—will most likely blend a number of approaches. Any program should always be designed to generate incremental sales while reinforcing your company’s brand message and personality. A program should be a logical, comfortable extension of your core business.
We will consult and advise you based on our vast experience but ultimately you have full discretion over the methods used to reward customers such as amount spent, frequency of visits, and incentive based product offerings. You also determine the type of rewards offered.

Installation and Training

  • Complete installation and support.
  • Unlimited training
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Fast and reliable virtual processing terminal

Marketing Collateral

  • Custom designed cards
  • Pre-packaged fulfillment options
  • Print services
  • List management and mailing services
  • Talented graphic design team
  • Customizable CRM database
  • Direct mail

Merchant Benefit

  • Immediate increase in customer retention and sales
  • Demographic reports
  • Improved customer database
  • Stronger referrals
  • Increased revenue
  • Ease of use for customer and sales staff

Consumer Benefit

  • Immediate reward for sign-up
  • Rewards for loyalty
  • Potential elite status, based on purchases

Loyalty programs are, now more than ever, the way of doing business.