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Paperless I-9 Management Verification
Compliance and Storage System

IBF provides the most user-friendly and mistake-proof way to comply with Form I-9 employment eligibility verification and E-Verify® regulations. The IBF solution enables the paperless preparation, signing, management, auditing and virtual storage of all your Form I-9 records. The software fully integrates with the DHS’s E-Verify system, to automatically submit employee data and receive real-time responses.

Compare the Benefits of the Paperless I-9 Comply/E-Verify Product.


The I-9 Comply/E-Verify Program:

  • Avoid penalties and fines ranging from $110 to $1,100 per Form I-9. 
  • 100% paperless and automated. 
  • Provides an easy to use and user-friendly dashboard interface. 
  • Provides instantaneous E-Verify submission, with configurable options per worksite. Instantly checks for Form I-9 errors. 
  • Under- and over-documentation is eliminated in Section 2 by limiting the manager’s view and selection to only the ID documents applicable to employee’s selected citizenship status. 
  • Simplified I-9 self-auditing through easily-customized reports. 
  • Eliminates missed re-verification deadlines with our “Notify Me” feature. 
  • Reduces audit risk exposure by systemically purging Form I-9s according to the three-year/one-year rule. 
  • Commercial grade security and privacy encryption requiring complex passwords. 

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