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Whether you work for a large, multi-national financial corporation or a small community credit union, IBF can help you save money, eliminate hassles, and work more efficiently. We offer a number of products and services specifically for our clients in the financial industry.

  • Company store: Having employees manage your company store and stocking your inventory on-site wastes time and money. Instead, have IBF manage your company store. We'll set up a website where your employees or customers can purchase apparel and other items printed with your logo. We'll stock your inventory in our warehouse and ship the products as needed. To learn more, call 800.388.3650.

  • Promotional Items: For branch openings, trade show events, and new program introductions, you need high-quality promotional items that get your customers' attention. Click to browse our online catalog, or give us a call to talk about our new or unique items that would suit your needs.

  • Internal documents: When IBF prints your internal documents or forms, you benefit from our experience as one of the largest print distributors in the country. As a result, we can offer exceptional prices on printed materials of all types. And because we can also warehouse your inventory for you, you can order in larger quantities (for greater discounts) without taking up a lot of space in your facility.

  • Check stock: IBF's buying power also means that we can offer fantastic prices on blank check stock. Our checks include state-of-the-art security features and work with all common check-writing software and printers.

  • Envelopes: We offer envelopes in every size, shape, and color imaginable. We can also print envelopes with your company address and logo and ship them directly to you or store them on our site until you need them.

  • Pressure seal systems and stock: With a pressure seal system, your document is the envelope. You save time, because you don't need to stuff envelopes, and you save money, because you don't have to buy separate envelopes. It's a great way to send checks, tax forms, and other correspondence.

  • Statement processing: Instead of printing, stuffing, and mailing your statements every month, let IBF handle the hassles for you. We can also send electronic statements to your customers who prefer to receive their statements digitally, saving you even more money.