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E-W2 Services

E-W2® is rapidly becoming the most efficient and cost-effective method to send employees their W-2 forms by email. Our clients only have to notify the employees that if they want to receive their W-2s via email, they merely have to go to W2copy.com and enroll. It's that simple! When your file is ready and approved by you (all on your desktop, of course), the employee then receives a notification that the W-2 is ready to retrieve. This eliminates printing, folding, inserting and mailing the W-2 from your end.

The E-W2®, complete with printing instructions, is 100 percent compatible for all tax purposes and allows users to print as many copies as they need without having to depend on saving a hard copy.

The Web-based system eliminates the risks associated with postal delivery by allowing members to access their W-2s online. E-W2® matches existing industry standards for the highest level of encryption and security. This prevents employee information from being accessed by others on the internet.

With E-W2®, users can get a jump start in preparing their tax forms, and beat the crowds in getting their tax refunds.

We also have a bilingual call center and web-based solution for reprints and re-issues.

We can also supply you a CD with PDFs of every W-2 for internal reprints and archival.