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Create-A-Check 10: The leading edge in simple, safe, and secure check printing.

Create-A-Check 10 provides one of the industry's simplest, most secure, and most flexible methods of printing your own checks.  Create-A-Check 10 works with your existing accounts payable or payroll software and combines this data with your specified check layout to create MICR-encoded checks.  Create-A-Check 10 allows users to:

  • Integrate with your accounting software, to create ease-of-use, reduce dual input, and provide added security and data back-up.
  • Email PDF documents and send originals and copies of documents to support the paperless office and accounting document storage and distribution back-ups.
  • Generate electronic files for Direct Deposit, Vendor Payments and Positive Pay, streamlining your accounting workflow.
  • Process ACH payments, providing user with the ability to transfer funds electronically from one bank account to another and print the remittance for the vendor/payee.
  • Create digitally encrypted signatures and logos plus comprehensive password security, protecting your sensitive date and deterring fraud.
  • Print other forms like deposit slips, 1099's, W2's, invoices, purchase orders and statements, eliminating the need for pre-printed form stock.