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Fight back against check fraud with basic or high-security check stock from IBF. We offer a wide variety of formats to work with your computer software, and we guarantee that they will function properly with your MICR laser printer.

High-Security Check Stock

Our high-security line of checks are easy to authenticate, difficult to alter, and nearly impossible to duplicate. They're protected by a wide range of the most advanced check security features, including a warning band, advanced fourdrinier watermarks, fluorescent fibers, a thermochromatic ink strip, chemically sensitive stain protection, pantographs, gradations, and micro-printing. See examples.

Basic-Security Check Stock

Although they don't have quite as many features as our high-security check stock, our basic-security checks offer superb fraud protection at bargain prices. Their security features include a warning band, thermochromatic ink strip, pantograph, micro-printing and prismatic printing. See examples.