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1Stock # (SIBF 821425)Case$32.00
1-ply bond for the Star SP312 Impact printer
3.25” (82.5mm) white
Diameter Max 3.35” (85mm), thickness 0.003”to
0.004” (0.07mm to 0.10mm) single copy
50 rolls per case weight 25 lbs.
2Stock # (SIBF SR 24P)Box$22.00
Ink Ribbon Cassette RC300P
Purple for the SP312 Impact printer
6 ribbons per box weight 1 lb.
3Stock # (SIBF 856911)Case$70.00
One Ply thermal paper for the Ithaca 80 printer and
Star TSP 643D/743 and Star TSP 654
3 1/8” Wide X 3.15” Diameter
50 rolls per case weight 46 lbs.
4Stock # (SIBF 856335)Case$60.00
One Ply thermal paper for the Star TSP200 printer
3” W X 3” Diameter
50 rolls per case weight 30.8 lbs Case $76.00
5Stock # (SIBF SR 48P)Box$12.00
Purple Ribbon Product #RC200P
Box of 6
6Stock # (SIBF SR 48B)Box$12.00
Black Ribbon Product #RC200B for the Star 500 printer
Box of 6
7Stock # (SIBF 845317)Case$26.50
3” x 2.75” paper roll bond 1 ply for the
Epson TM U230 printer and Star 542 kitchen printer
Product RF3.0
50 rolls per case
8Stock # (SIBF 845919)Case$45.00
3” x 3” 2-ply paper roll
50 rolls per case
9Stock # (SIBF 846646)Case$75.00
3” 3 ply paper roll
50 rolls per case
10Stock # (SIBF SR 20B/R)Box$12.00
Ribbon used for the Epson U230 Printer
And Verifone 250
Box of 6
11Stock # (SIBF SR 11)Box$15.00
Black Ribbon for the Epson ERC 23 Printer
Box of 6
12Stock # (SIBF SR 12B)Box$15.00
Black Ribbon for the Epson ERC 18 Printer
Box of 6
13Stock # (SIBF 15-149)Case$20.00
2 ¼” x 80’ thermal roll for Verifone VX570
(Aloha software)
50 rolls per case
14Stock # (SIBF N845702)Case$25.00
2 ¼” x 100’ 2 ply thermal roll
50 rolls per case
15Stock # (Employee S A C)Each$0.52
Employee Access Card
Two color logo on front
Encoded mag strip
16Stock # (Wrist Coils)Each$0.52
Wrist coil for access badge
Blue coil with bulldog clip
17Stock # (Retractable Badge Holder)Each$0.52
Holder for access badge
Blue holder with bulldog clip

1. Prices quoted will be F.O.B. Origin.  Ship items the most economical means and bill as separate line items on the invoice.  Shipments to an APO that are less than 70 lbs. will be sent via USPS parcel post class. On larger APO shipments (over 70 lbs), client must provide information via email that will facilitate shipment by military transport.

2. Minimum order for line item 1, 2, and 3:
01- 1 case
02- 1 box
03- 1 case

3. Government Credit Card “IMPAC Card” accepted. IMPAC Card user will be provided a copy of the order; copy of the invoice with shipping charges; and a copy of the charge receipt when the order was placed.  A packing slip will accompany all shipments.